Tumblr Roll Call: Afro-Latin@ Documentary

This is a documentary series by Dash Harris (twitter handle: @InADash) on racial identity and the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean. Click here to learn more about the series: http://negrodocumentary.com/

Here are some quotes about the series from the tumblr blog:

“I was soooo inspired !!! Your project on educating the world about Afro-Latinos through your documentary Negro, is so amazing.” -Jisela Rodriguez

“Though the issue is very sad, it’s beautiful how so many conscious people are in this documentary speaking their stories. I’m a Black-American and I do have relatives from Mexico and I hardly know much about them because I felt we were too different to even get to know each other. This documentary has changed my mind,” 

“Viva los afrodescendientes! viva latinos! I love this. I have shared this as much as possible! Keep up the good work” 

“Loving this docu-series! I cannot wait to see what’s coming next. Very proud of how this project is portraying *us*! -Lidia Anain

“You have no idea how much your first piece has amazed me in every level. I related to every single second if it. I relate to this documentary so much I cannot even begin to write down all the things that are in my mind…it’s insane to see a series just about me. That is literally me. It has touched me beyond words….I can’t even wrap my head around it. Please keep up the good work. i support you.” -Jasmine Oufkir Cruz