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We know what it’s like to try and get funding for the projects you’re passionate about, especially when you are just starting out, or when the ‘gatekeepers’ tell you they don’t think there will be enough interest in your story. That’s why we want to be a resource to help you find ways to garner financial support. One such resource is Creative Capital. Even if you haven’t begun to put pen to paper, take a look at their requirements, and the other projects they have supported – so when you are ready, you’ll have strong guidelines to help you get the funding you need.

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Television Internships – DEADLINE 3/15/14


“This is literally one of those golden ticket occasions where one is given the opportunity to see with their own eyes how the professional entertainment industry functions. The best part is you also have an opportunity to make some impressions about yourself while you’re there.”
– Ray Chang – Cinematography, University of Colorado, Boulder

The TV Academy Foundation’s summer Student Internship Program provides over 40 industry-wide internships to college  students nationwide. The program gives both undergraduate and graduate students in-depth exposure to professional television production during an eight-week summer period in Los Angeles.

“When I tell people I studied radio, TV, and film in Wisconsin, I typically get raised eyebrows in response. This internship has proven that no matter who you are and where you’re from, if you have passion and drive, you can make it in this industry. My school taught me skills, but this internship gave me more – professional experience and professional networking!”
– Liz D’Alessio – Post Production, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

“Everyone has a different “breaking in” story, and I have no doubt that mine just started with an Academy Foundation Internship.”
– Brandon Zuck – TV Scriptwriting – Drama, Columbia University

Interns work closely with their hosts and designated supervisors in order to gain maximum overview of the work process in their category.

“The Academy Foundation Internship program helps produce professionals. It’s the premiere internship to have if you want to make a notable debut in the entertainment industry. Applying was the best career choice I ever made!”
– Evelyn Blanton – Casting, California State University, Los Angeles

       Past hosts include:

  • ABC Studios
  • CBS
  • HBO
  • The Disney Channel
  • Nickelodeon
  • Fox TV Studios
  • E! Entertainment
  • NBC Universal
  • Warner Bros.
  • The Hub
  • Awesomeness TV
  • Stargate Studios
  • … and many others.

Details on How to Apply

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