In/visible Ethnicities – Portrait Project by Vanessa Newark

A portrait photographer in the United Kingdom takes on self-identified mixed-race individuals as subjects with lovely results:

This project is about how people of mixed ethnicities self-identify and explores how they have been identified through Census forms and in society. The work also highlights how the subtle differences between self-definition and ethnic categories are often too varied to fit within the single tick-box “Other”. (from

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Mixed Roots Stories on Mixed Race Radio

We were invited to participate in Tiffany Reid’s Mixed Race Radio podcast this week. If you’re curious about the personal stories behind our co-curators Mark, Chandra and Fanshen, have a listen to the episode below. We hope you’ll be inspired to share your story – and to join our community as a Guest Blogger, or by voting on our logo, or by allowing us to tell others about you and what you do by filling out our Promote Your Story link.

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Amma Asante’s Next Film: Mixed German Experience (?)

Amma Asante is the British director of the forthcoming film Belle (click HERE for Variety’s favorable review after the Toronto Film Festival screening). Belle explores the life of Dido Elizabeth Belle – the daughter of an African woman and a British Naval officer in the 18th Century, who is raised by British Aristocrats and faces challenges within her family and society for being mixed (the film is slated for its US release this summer). Asante is hoping her next project will be directing the film Where Hands Touch – a story of the romance between a mixed woman and a German SS officer in the 1940s. If you have the chance to see Belle, please head over to our Facebook page HERE and leave a comment letting us know what you think. We’ll be keeping tabs on Where Hands Touch and will let keep you posted on production information and release dates!




Who Wants to Go To Sundance!?

A great opportunity for screenwriters without representation – as long as you HAVEN’T made more than $5,000 on a previous script. Get your Mixed Roots Stories  for the big screen ready, and apply for this chance to attend the Sundance Film Festival and receive a professional mentorship. DEADLINE: December 1, 2013

Here’s the link for more info:

Great Opportunity For Chicago-based Filmmakers – DEADLINE

Kartemquin films, which produced outstanding documentaries like Hoop Dreams and The Interrupters is looking for diverse filmmakers for their Diverse Voices in Docs professional development program. The application deadline is December 3, 2013 – you can access the application HERE

Here’s some more information on Kartemquin and the program from one of my favorite blogs, Shadow & Act:

Many Wonderful Quotes to Ponder: Coming Out as Biracial



We’re very moved by this new blogpost written by Stephanie Georgopulos (Twitter handle: @omgstephlol)

Some quotes to pique your interest in clicking the link below and joining the conversation:

“Even with my white skin, I didn’t know the white experience entirely. I didn’t know it because when people use that poisonous n-word, I instantly think of my mother—and how people have used that word to hurt her simply for lack of time and effort. I think about the things my parents sacrificed to be together, things bigger than letters can spell…When #shitblackmomssay trended on Twitter, I laughed. I was on the inside of something, for once.

“[Being biracial is] witnessing one of the most exciting conversations about race since the civil rights movement, and wondering whether you’re the white voice that should shut up and listen, or the black voice that should speak out, or the mixed voice that should ???.”

Click here for the rest of this insightful post:


Aaron Samuels: Yarmulkes & Fitted Caps



Aaron is another performer that we got to meet at the 2012 Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival. His spoken word piece left the audience mesmerized. We are certain that this collection of poetry will have the same powerful impact on you.

From the Amazon website: Aaron Samuels, raised in Providence, Rhode Island by a Jewish mother and a Black father, is a Cave Canem Fellow and a nationally acclaimed performer. In this ground-breaking collection of poems, Samuels examines the beauty and contradictions of his own mixed identity with gut-wrenching narratives, humor, and passionate verve.

Here’s the Amazon link to purchase the book: