UPAJ = Tap Dancing + Ancient Indian Dance

“How can you evolve without giving up your integrity?” is what Pandit Chitresh Das asks at the end of the trailer for this wonderful new film called Upaj:Improvise. Watch as he and Jason Samuels Smith learn from one another and share their cultural differences openly, critically – and creatively. We can’t wait to see this film!

Wednesdays in Mississippi: Interracial Support in the Civil Rights Era

Wednesdays in Mississippi is a documentary film-in-progress about a group of women who came together – regardless of their supposed ‘racial’ differences – to fight prejudice during the Civil Rights era in the United States. The film is looking for funding, so please take a look at their site to learn more, and support this project however you can (financial support, join their Facebook page, share this post and their website with others to help spread the word!)

Wednesdays in Mississippi Official Website

Wednesdays in Mississippi Facebook Page

Educational Distributor Looking for Films

GoodDocs.net is a a new distribution company that lends support to filmmakers in a number of ways:

1) They can help you sell your film in the educational market

2) They can help you develop a curriculum for your film to make it more attractive to schools

3) They arrange speaking engagements for the filmmakers whose films they represent

4) They can offer consultations on grantwriting

5) They can help with the research in pre-production all the way through distribution

We are eager to see your Mixed Roots Story on film – and GoodDocs.net might be the perfect partner to help you complete and distribute your film!

Here’s the link to the website: http://www.gooddocs.net/

Tumblr Roll Call: Afro-Latin@ Documentary

This is a documentary series by Dash Harris (twitter handle: @InADash) on racial identity and the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean. Click here to learn more about the series: http://negrodocumentary.com/

Here are some quotes about the series from the tumblr blog:

“I was soooo inspired !!! Your project on educating the world about Afro-Latinos through your documentary Negro, is so amazing.” -Jisela Rodriguez

“Though the issue is very sad, it’s beautiful how so many conscious people are in this documentary speaking their stories. I’m a Black-American and I do have relatives from Mexico and I hardly know much about them because I felt we were too different to even get to know each other. This documentary has changed my mind,” 

“Viva los afrodescendientes! viva latinos! I love this. I have shared this as much as possible! Keep up the good work” 

“Loving this docu-series! I cannot wait to see what’s coming next. Very proud of how this project is portraying *us*! -Lidia Anain

“You have no idea how much your first piece has amazed me in every level. I related to every single second if it. I relate to this documentary so much I cannot even begin to write down all the things that are in my mind…it’s insane to see a series just about me. That is literally me. It has touched me beyond words….I can’t even wrap my head around it. Please keep up the good work. i support you.” -Jasmine Oufkir Cruz


Great Opportunity For Chicago-based Filmmakers – DEADLINE

Kartemquin films, which produced outstanding documentaries like Hoop Dreams and The Interrupters is looking for diverse filmmakers for their Diverse Voices in Docs professional development program. The application deadline is December 3, 2013 – you can access the application HERE


Here’s some more information on Kartemquin and the program from one of my favorite blogs, Shadow & Act: