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I had the pleasure of meeting Marcelitte Failla when we screened her film, Uncovering Color, at the Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival®. I got to meet Anoushka – the other filmmaker behind this project – at the 2012 Critical Mixed Race Studies conference. Both women are smart, passionate and talented, and I’m really excited about this project which is precisely the kind of work we are here to promote. Here’s their Indiegogo campaign link:

And a short paragraph on the project:

Toasted Marshmallows is a film, performance and community building project chronicling two mixed-race women’s attempt at uncovering the cultures we were separated from. Anoushka Ratnarajah and Marcelitte Failla grew up far from the curry and gumbo that stewed on their grandmothers stove. On our journey to regain what was lost, we will meet and interview other mixed-women and ask what it means to be “authentically” rooted in one’s culture and how we maintain ties in a world of assimilation.