Storytelling Techniques

Amanda Lewan is a digital storyteller.  On her blog post 21 Awesome Storytelling Techniques ( she describes storytelling as a form of sharing that can be told in many different ways.

“Storytelling is the core of who are as human beings, and it’s an art all in it’s own — no matter what form you are using.  Many storytelling techniques still stand the test of time. With a little creativity and imagination, you can apply storytelling techniques to any form for your brand storytelling.”


She gives examples of 21 Awesome Storytelling techniques. Here are some favorites:

1. Show don’t tell.

4. Create a mood.

8. Appeal to our senses.

15. Make it interactive.

16. Make it visual.

19. Pull on our emotions.


How do you tell your story? What techniques inspire your creativity and imagination?