Our Offspring Will Challenge Our Assumptions About Identity

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Wow! Omilaju Miranda’s story packs a punch.  She gives a snapshot of her particular struggle with raising a mixed-race daughter that does not have her phenotype. Her daughter has many questions on identity that were revelatory for the author and you too will be intrigued by her responses, so please read it and share on our Facebook page if you have had a similar experiences.

For further reading, I recommend The Family Pangea by our guest blogger Sky Obercam.


Omilaju Miranda (“Omi”) is the founder of Mixed Diversity Reads Children’s Book Reviewhttp://mixeddiversityreads.com/ , a nonprofit site, which reviews Young Adult and children’s picture books with protagonists from culturally marginalized groups including those with interracial, transracial, lgbt, gender non-conforming, bilingual, and single parents. Omi has been published in Mixed Nation and has also founded the art and literary blog zine, Parenting My Interracial Family http://myinterracialfamily.com/ . A former Javits Fellow, she is a graduate of Columbia University, received her MFA in creative writing from Virginia Tech, and can be followed @diversekidreads or @Multiracefamily or on Facebook.