Code Switching

NPR has a new blog this year called “Code Switch: Frontiers of Race, Culture and Ethnicity”!  This is their discussion of Code Switching

“In linguistics, “code-switching” means mixing languages or patterns of speech in conversation. But as our blog host Gene Demby explains: “We’re looking at code-switching a little more broadly. Many of us subtly, reflexively change the way we express ourselves all the time. We’re hop-scotching between different cultural and linguistic spaces and different parts of our own identities — sometimes within a single interaction.

“We decided to call this team Code Switch because much of what we’ll be exploring are the different spaces we each inhabit and the tensions of trying to navigate between them. In one sense, code-switching is about dialogue that spans cultures. It evokes the conversation we want to have here.””

Code Switch creates an interesting dialogue about the multiple roles we all play in society.  Check out their April 8th entry How Code-Switching Explains the World where Mixed comedians Key & Peele are referenced, and all their other interesting entries.