My Two Grannies – Summer Reading for the Kids!

My 2 Grannies

Author Floella Benjamin shares her story through a cute picture book featuring a mixed heroine and her two grandmothers, one from Trinidad and one from England. She followed this book up by writing My Two Grandads. These would be great summer reads to share with your children over the sumer!

My 2 Granddads





Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s new novel explores the Mixed experience as a Nigerian woman who returns to Nigeria after spending over ten years in academia in the U.S. This REVIEW from the LA Times calls it one of the best novels ‘you’ll read all year.’

Call for Submissions: Nikkei Chronicles #2

logo-NIKKEI-PLUSThe Editors at Discover Nikkei invite you to submit personal stories and essays, memoirs, academic papers, book reviews, and other prose genre that share your thoughts on how Nikkei around the world perceive and experience being multiracial, multinational, multilingual, and multigenerational. It is our hope that by sharing the multitudes of our experiences, we enhance our ability to better understand who Nikkei are.

Submissions accepted from April 1 until September 30, 2013 at 6pm (PST). Click HERE for more info!


Multiracial Child Resource Book

Multiracial Child Resource Book: Living Complex Identities by Maria P. P. Root & Matt Kelley (editors)
This book is a great resource for families, teachers/educators, and counselors, as well as for multiracial individuals. In a section of Multiracial 101, history, discrimination, and health issues are addressed.  There is a complete section on Identity and Development that not only address parental issues in supporting multiracial children create their stories, it goes through developmental stages providing resources throughout. The book ends with a section on Specific Multiracial Heritages. You can purchase this book from the MAVIN foundation

Curly Like Me

Cover of Tightly Curly

Cover of Tightly Curly

Curly Like Me is full of tips on how to maintain healthy curls. Author Teri LaFlesh spent years experimenting with – and breaking off – her own hair until she finally perfected the art of loving her curls. If you’d like to get a preview of all that you can learn from her book, head over to Warning: you will likely be purchasing some new products after reading her tips, but you will be very glad you did. Purchase Curly Like Me on