East West Players Hiring a Literary Manager

East West Players is the nation’s premiere Asian American Theatre, and they often showcase plays about the Mixed/Hapa experience. They are currently seeking a Literary Manager – click here for more info: http://eastwestplayers.wordpress.com/2013/07/11/east-west-players-seeking-literary-manager/


“Babygirl” chronicles a (bi-racial) TV/pop culture ADDICT’S journey through the Growing Pains of Childhood, the Wonder Years of Adolescence, to the realization that though media might be our 1st Love, sometimes we have to to press the OFF button to find ourselves.


Babygirl has themes that resonate with both pre-teens and teenagers, both male and female. I have workshopped BABYGIRL in the suburbs, the inner city, as well as small towns and learned that it strikes a cord with people across the board regardless or age, sex, or racial and/or socio-economic background. But it especially speaks to YOUTH who lack stori

es that truly reflect them.

Over the years kids have come up to me and asked, “Did that really happen to you?” proving to me that my story reached them. They see me, learn my story, and see that I have survived, and are now empowered with the lesson, that they will too.

Recovering addicts have been touched by this piece as well and I’ve already started the process of reaching out to them as potential audience members.

This is a universal story that I pla

n to share nationwide and worldwide.

Come join Babygirl on her road to recovery!

Written and performed by KAYPRI

Directed by AYANA CAHRR (Black Women State of the Union)

WEBSITE: www.kaypri.com

CONTACT ARTIST AT: bookbabygirl@gmail.com (for future performance discounts put FRINGE 2013 in SUBJECT LINE)

Learn More at www.kaypri.com

One Drop of Love

One Drop of Love is a solo-show about a culturally Mixed daughter and her Pan-African father, both of whom are searching for their ‘racial’ roots. Currently playing at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Click HERE for tickets and info.


from the 2007 New York Times review

from the 2007 New York Times review

Dutchman is a play by Amiri Baraka (still named LeRoi Jones when it was first published in 1964). The controversial play covers interracial relationships, racism, stereotypes and capitalism. (see this review of the 2007 revival from the New York Times)

Christmas in Hanoi

publicity still from EastWestPlayers.org

publicity still from EastWestPlayers.org

Christmas in Hanoi is a full-length play that follows a Mixed family’s return to Vietnam after the death of their matriarch. Winnie and Lou (played in the debut performance by Elizabeth Liang and Joseph Daugherty), are the children of an Irish Catholic father (Michael Krawic) and a strong-willed Vietnamese mother (Elyse Dinh). Winnie must overcome her deepest fears in order to finally bury her mother and move forward with her life.

Playwright Eddie Borey won the East West Players Face of the Future Playwriting Competition with his script for Christmas in Hanoi. The debut performance was directed by Jeff Liu, and the premiere was presented in association with  Multiracial Americans of Southern California and Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association

Here’s a link with more info: Christmas in Hanoi at East West Players

The Box Marked Black

from www.damariswebb.com

from www.damariswebb.com

In The Box Marked Black, playwright and actor Damaris Webb explores her and her family’s adventures and experiences living in Tennessee, the Mid-West and Botswana, to name a few of the places they’ve traveled. Our favorite quote from this article previewing the debut performance in the Portlander: …If we take the time to listen to each other’s stories, that’s going to do more toward everyone understanding and relaxing and accepting each other than having a diversity week.

Damaris Webb’s website: www.damariswebb.com/