Kravitz Talks-Growing Up With White Father Black Mother

Lenny Kravitz has not been silent about his racial background. He has been known to tell his story through music.  In his recent album, Black and White America, he discusses the world in which his parents met and he was raised.

In this video he shares what it was like being called out by a student on his first day of school that his father was White and what it was like being a mixed in school.

Eartha Kitt – Never Finds Her White Father


The beautiful Eartha Kitt!

Did you know: She didn’t know her actual birthday until she was 71? She never knew who her father was?

Once she finally discovered her birth certificate she was allowed 15 minutes with it and her father’s name was blacked out.

Kitt died in 2008.  Her daughter said:  “She carried the scar of her rejection with her all her life. She was rejected for the colour of her skin ironically by both black and white.” Her daughter goes on to say: “To some extent, I think my arrival completed her because it gave her a family that she never had.”

Our mixed roots stories might have rejection, secrecy, and pain…telling and sharing our stories can provide healing.

The Singer & The Songwriter – Making Melodious Mixed Music

Mark, Chandra and I were so fortunate to meet Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran ( when we worked together producing the 2012 Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival. They’ve changed their name to The Singer & the Songwriter (they were called Ampersand then), and are now running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their debut album! They only have about a week to go on their campaign – please head over to Kickstarter  (, listen to their wonderful music, and support them in any way you can! Do it for Beatrice 🙂