WTTF…a modern day Guess Who is Coming To Dinner?


WTTF…a modern day Guess Who is Coming To Dinner?

I have seen several previews on TV for NBC’s new comedy Welcome To The Family. I wasn’t too interested until I saw a commercial yesterday that talked about interracial families.  The two teenagers in the show were talking about the growing number of multiracial families in America and how they will be one too.  I have NOT been able to find the clip anywhere online…but when I do, I will be sure to post it.  Now as I look into the storyline more… I see that it is more than a teenage pregnancy story.  It is a story of the Yoder and Hernandez families being joined by their teenagers falling in love.  A classic Romeo and Juliet plot with a splash of racial and cultural differences.  Though it is nice to see the presence of multiracial families on TV, I am not surprised that it again will be under an unwelcomed relationship, and child.  We will have to stay tuned to see how the story unfolds…




Parenthood is a comedy/drama that will be returning for its 5th season in the Fall of 2013.  Parenthood bravely and delicately take on the complexities of family life leaving viewers full of emotion after every episode like all good comedy/drama stories should! In addition to other major topics (cancer, post traumatic stress disorder and more), this series follows an interracial marriage and their child, the process of a transracial adoption and has explored an interracial teenage dating situation.


You can catch up on past seasons of Parenthood on Netflix.

Cheerios Commercial featuring a Mixed Family

In late May 2013 Cheerios aired a commercial that features a Mixed family, and shortly afterwards Youtube had to disable comments because of all of the racist remarks the ad received. We are so excited that our stories are being told in the media – head on over to the Youtube page and ‘like’ the commercial if you want to show your support!

The New Adventures of Old Christine

Creator: Kari Lizer. CBS. Half-hour sitcom, 2006-2010

courtesy flowtv.com

courtesy flowtv.com

The New Adventures of Old Christine is a sitcom about ‘Christine,’ a divorced single mom played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. In the second season Christine falls in love with and starts dating Daniel Harris (the wonderful Blaire Underwood) – making this one of a very few sitcoms at the time to include a recurring interracial relationship. But our favorite blended relationship on the show is that of Christine and her best friend Barb, played by the hilarious Wanda Sykes. In this counter-hegemonic relationship, it is Barb who is wise and tolerant, and Christine who is righteously liberal and ignorantly racist. In episode #48 “White Like Me,” when Barb invites a number of ‘Black’ women to the gym they co-own, Christine excuses her obvious anxiety saying, “I’m not a racist. I drive a Prius.” Barb’s honest-till-it-hurts responses, and the patience she displays in this cross-cultural relationship force Christine, and the viewer, to think twice about their own (mis)understandings of ‘race.’ You can catch episodes on Lifetime. Let us know what you think! http://www.tv.com/shows/the-new-adventures-of-old-christine/