Multiracial Child Resource Book

Multiracial Child Resource Book: Living Complex Identities by Maria P. P. Root & Matt Kelley (editors)
This book is a great resource for families, teachers/educators, and counselors, as well as for multiracial individuals. In a section of Multiracial 101, history, discrimination, and health issues are addressed.  There is a complete section on Identity and Development that not only address parental issues in supporting multiracial children create their stories, it goes through developmental stages providing resources throughout. The book ends with a section on Specific Multiracial Heritages. You can purchase this book from the MAVIN foundation

Alter Egos…

In Latte Rebellion, author Sarah Jamila Stevenson explores the complexities of wanting to belong through a girl who is “half-Indian, a quarter Mexican, and a quarter Irish” (pg. 13).  After another name calling incident, Asha and her friends create a little club, using alter egos, to raise awareness about mixed race students and raise money for a senior trip.  Come to find out, many students were looking for a place where “lattes of the world, unite” and the club grows beyond their control.  In high school, I connected with other mixed race students on my campus. We too created little nicknames for each other to create our own secret society.  Latte Rebellion also addresses the complexities of challenging parent and friendship relationships that come in the later years of high school.