Blogging Momma, Ellie, has done an amazing job providing discussion and resources. Her Multiracial Family Resources Page is a great resource for parents of multiracial kids. She also provides parenting tips and stories of other multiracial families. Most recently she has written about “Supporting Health Identity in Our Mixed Kids.”  This is such an important topic for parents to be talking about.  Parents have great influence on the life stories their children are creating.

This is a blog to share with all the parents you know!



Multiracial Mysteries

If you are a teen or know a teen.. check out Rachel and Rachael. These Canadian multiracial teenagers have created a site, Multiracial Mysteries, to help them and other multiracial teens deal with “everyday stresses of being different from ‘the norm'”. Their blog discusses myths, stereotypes, and experiences of multiracial teens.  Rachel and Rachael-Keep up the good work sharing the stories of the multiracial youth!

Asian American Literary Review: Mixed Race Issue

The AALR is dedicated to providing a space for both established and emerging writers to express what it means to identify as Asian American. Their latest issue is focused on Mixed Race identity, and they’ve gathered an impressive amount of storytellers of all genres to explore the Mixed experience. The hard cover journal is only the beginning, though. Throughout the 2013/2014 fall and spring semesters, over 100 universities will be participating in interactive classrooms using the Mixed Race issue as a springboard to discussions and new understandings of the Mixed experience. We strongly encourage you to purchase this journal, which will certainly be considered a historical archive, and to participate in the university initiatives.

Asian American Literary Review home page

Order your copy of the Mixed Race Issue HERE

Learn more about the University classes HERE


Congrats Mixed Up Clothing!

Congratulations to Sonia Kang founder of Mixed Up clothing.  Her children’s clothing line that focuses on “building friendships through fabrics” has been nominated for a Red Tricycle 2013 Totally Awesome Award. Winners will be announced Sept 1st.  Sonia and Mixed Up clothing has been featured on the Today show and has a new collaboration with Chocolate Me (written by Taye Diggs). Tia Mowry-Hardict clothes her son in Mixed Up clothing, you can find out more about where to get Mixed Up clothing at  Mixed Nation has teamed up with Mixed Up clothing for a giveaway.  Click here to enter to win:

Sonia and Mixed Up Clothing: Keep up the good work, sharing the mixed race story through your creative design of apparel for children.

My Two Grannies – Summer Reading for the Kids!

My 2 Grannies

Author Floella Benjamin shares her story through a cute picture book featuring a mixed heroine and her two grandmothers, one from Trinidad and one from England. She followed this book up by writing My Two Grandads. These would be great summer reads to share with your children over the sumer!

My 2 Granddads




Cheerios Commercial featuring a Mixed Family

In late May 2013 Cheerios aired a commercial that features a Mixed family, and shortly afterwards Youtube had to disable comments because of all of the racist remarks the ad received. We are so excited that our stories are being told in the media – head on over to the Youtube page and ‘like’ the commercial if you want to show your support!

Raising Mixed Children

This interesting article brings up an important topic to consider when parenting all children.  Should children be raised to see color or be colorblind? If you are raising mixed race children which do you chose? Why? What resources have you found in helping you teach your children about race issues? If you are mixed, how were you raised? How did being raised to see color or to be colorblind impact your life?


I am Mixed – Reserve your copy TODAY!

I_Am_Limited (1)

Jay and Nina discover they can enjoy the best of both worlds their parents come from in this new children’s book “I am Mixed” by Garcelle Beauvais and Sebastian A. Jones. Garcelle Beauvais has joined Stranger Comics to launch an “I AM” series. “I am Mixed” is the first in the series.  Pre-order your copy today!