Kickstarter: New Children’s Book About Diversity

An author of a new children’s book filled out our ‘promote your story link’ to promote her Kickstarter campaign for a new children’s book. Let us know if you have any projects you’d like us to promote!

From their Kickstarter Campaign page (

“A Friend Can Be” is a book inspired by years of preschool teaching and by a “three round” motherhood experience. While most books about friendship are geared towards older children, ” A Friend Can Be” is written in a way that even a very young child can understand. The language of the book is clear and simple and the illustrations feature familiar landmarks in Atlanta that captivate an older audience as well as the young children. Crafted for children roughly from 2 to 6-years-old, “A Friend Can Be” is written and illustrated to include all kinds of kids, all kinds of places, and all kinds of people in general. Written by an Early Childhood and Special Ed teacher with over 12 years experience Ana Hazanov, and designed and illustrated by amazingly creative artist Gregory Lee, this books reflects years of expertise and many days (and nights) of creative labor.


New Book for Grandmothers with Multiracial Families

Grandmothering: Real Life in Real Families is a new book by Becky Sarah (Child Development Specialist, midwife and childbirth educator, Public Health Director for the City of Chelsea, MA and, most importantly, Grandmother).  The book offers practical advice to women whose grandchildren’s worlds are very different from the ones they themselves grew up in. The section on Multiracial Families includes references to Loving v. Virginia, the one-drop rule, and why stating that you’re “Colorblind” is not helpful to young children (or anyone, for that matter). Mixed Roots Stories is also very proud to be included as a resource. Take a moment to read the synopsis and reviews on Amazon, and if you enjoy it as much as we do – add it to your collection and to your gift-giving list.

Congrats Mixed Up Clothing!

Congratulations to Sonia Kang founder of Mixed Up clothing.  Her children’s clothing line that focuses on “building friendships through fabrics” has been nominated for a Red Tricycle 2013 Totally Awesome Award. Winners will be announced Sept 1st.  Sonia and Mixed Up clothing has been featured on the Today show and has a new collaboration with Chocolate Me (written by Taye Diggs). Tia Mowry-Hardict clothes her son in Mixed Up clothing, you can find out more about where to get Mixed Up clothing at  Mixed Nation has teamed up with Mixed Up clothing for a giveaway.  Click here to enter to win:

Sonia and Mixed Up Clothing: Keep up the good work, sharing the mixed race story through your creative design of apparel for children.

My Two Grannies – Summer Reading for the Kids!

My 2 Grannies

Author Floella Benjamin shares her story through a cute picture book featuring a mixed heroine and her two grandmothers, one from Trinidad and one from England. She followed this book up by writing My Two Grandads. These would be great summer reads to share with your children over the sumer!

My 2 Granddads




I am Mixed – Reserve your copy TODAY!

I_Am_Limited (1)

Jay and Nina discover they can enjoy the best of both worlds their parents come from in this new children’s book “I am Mixed” by Garcelle Beauvais and Sebastian A. Jones. Garcelle Beauvais has joined Stranger Comics to launch an “I AM” series. “I am Mixed” is the first in the series.  Pre-order your copy today!

Early Reader Summer Reading

Amy HodgepodgeHave an early reader in your home? Check out this early reader book series Amy Hodgepodge ( presented by the Wayans Family.  This series of 6 books is bound to keep your new reader occupied this summer exploring the life of Amy, a multiracial fourth grader who moves to a new school and all her adventures. On the website you can meet her friends, see her scrap book, enjoy activities, trivia, games, merchandise and more!

Multiracial Child Resource Book

Multiracial Child Resource Book: Living Complex Identities by Maria P. P. Root & Matt Kelley (editors)
This book is a great resource for families, teachers/educators, and counselors, as well as for multiracial individuals. In a section of Multiracial 101, history, discrimination, and health issues are addressed.  There is a complete section on Identity and Development that not only address parental issues in supporting multiracial children create their stories, it goes through developmental stages providing resources throughout. The book ends with a section on Specific Multiracial Heritages. You can purchase this book from the MAVIN foundation

Alter Egos…

In Latte Rebellion, author Sarah Jamila Stevenson explores the complexities of wanting to belong through a girl who is “half-Indian, a quarter Mexican, and a quarter Irish” (pg. 13).  After another name calling incident, Asha and her friends create a little club, using alter egos, to raise awareness about mixed race students and raise money for a senior trip.  Come to find out, many students were looking for a place where “lattes of the world, unite” and the club grows beyond their control.  In high school, I connected with other mixed race students on my campus. We too created little nicknames for each other to create our own secret society.  Latte Rebellion also addresses the complexities of challenging parent and friendship relationships that come in the later years of high school.