About Mixed Roots Stories



A world that recognizes how it benefits from otherness, one that both celebrates and challenges identity categories in order to create more liberatory possibilities for our collective futures.


Supporting and advocating for diverse Mixed communities through the power of sharing stories. We seek to act as a liaison, creating space between storytellers across academic and non-academic communities, and international and national contexts.


1) promote public awareness of the stories and storytellers that contribute to Arts, Culture, Education, Media, and Politics of the Mixed experience

2) promote and facilitate the production of arts and cultural programming in conjunction with national and international organizations (see our PARTNERS page)

WHAT WE MEAN BY ‘Mixed Roots’:

Identifying oneself and/or being identified as ‘other’ in your society – particularly when it comes to race, culture, or ethnicity, and within relationships and families.


A Story can come in many forms. A Story is how you express yourself. A Story is personal and collective. Stories can be found in the form of: art, dress, music, lyrics, poetry, film, spoken word, a play, politics, activism, oral history, and many more…how do you tell your story?


Have a film, website, art show, performance or other event addressing the Mixed experienced? Let us help you spread the word! We want to actively bring awareness to the way you tell your story to the Mixed community and the world. Click ‘Promote Your Story‘ to tell us more about you and your story.

Planning an event for your school, organization, etc? Would you like to feature mixed “storytellers”? We have an active database of artists, filmmakers, authors and performers and can help bring them to your next event! Send us an email to info@mixedrootstories.org

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